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Ingresado: 20 Octubre 2017
Lugar: Spain
Estado: Desconectado
Mens.: 9
Escrito el: 06 Diciembre 2017 a las 09:01 | IP registrada Citar RichaBals

ÿþWomen's ugg boots and sheepskin boots
1/cheap-ugg-boots-for-sale-c-1_50/">cheap UGG boots
for sale
are available in colors from pink and
purple, to tan and brown, while men's are available
in the more neutral colors. Coordinating UGG
handbags,apparel and accessories are the newest
additions to the UGG Australia luxury
brand,including apparel for men,women and kids. "The
womens Tasman slipper is so much more than just a
slipper. The women's Tasman is fully lined in plush,
luxurious sheepskin and cuffed with a woven braid
for a little extra something.All our products
including ugg boots, slippers, rugs and accessories
are made in Australia.

The ones that are fake do not have a raised or
embossed insignia on the bottom of the soles.5) You
can report to UGG Australia any fake ones you see on
ebay at or at the bottom of an
auction of a Fake Ugg click on Report this Item.6)
Ugg Australia has required any Authorized Ugg Dealer
to promise and sign an agreement not to sell on
ebay. If the price is below retail then it is most
likey a fake as only Ebay
1/cheap-ugg-slippers-uk-c-1_63/">cheap UGG slippers
sellers who buy the boots retail are
allowed to sell on Ebay. This is from the Deckers
Web site: "eBay Sellers/On-Line Auctions and Trade

UGG Australia does NOT authorize any of its dealers
to sell on eBay, any other on-line auctions or trade
boards. UGG Boots 's agreements with its dealers
prohibit sales on auction sites. Accordingly, UGG
1/cheap-ugg-style-boots-c-1_14/">cheap UGG style
does not offer its limited warranty or
rebates for products purchased on these sites and
will not assist with resolution of any disputes
including assistance with Pay Pal refund requests."
So if they are buying them retail with tax and
having to pay ebay and pay pal fees and they are not
seconds and are grade a boots they will be selling
for more than retail. Any boots you see being sold
less are usually fakes. The price of the boot is a
good indicator for a fake.7) The quality of the
stitching on the fakes is very bad.

The box is different: Genuine Uggs Box is one piece
with a flip open lid attached. It is a
1/cheap-womens-ugg-boots-c-1_37/">cheap womens UGG
strong sturdy box. The words "UGG
Australia are wrten in the middle of the lid. The
Ugg Logo is a starbust orange sun. It is not big but
small. Ugg now as of May 2007 has a new box. It is a
flip top box.9) The Care Booklet that comes with the
boots is in white. It has the words "Ugg Australi"
embossed and it is square. Fake ones are badly
printed and in silver. The pictures in the booklet
are sharp and clear. The fakes ones are not. They
have been scanned and printed in color and appear
fuzzy or unclear. The colors are exaggerated.As of
June of 2007 the Care booklet has been replaced with
a cream colored card and an insert also in the beige

Ugg no longer puts the white booklet in the box with
the boots made after June of 2007.10) Fake Uggs do
not run a size larger as the real uggs do.11) Fake
Uggs are smaller with a wider ankle.12) Fake Uggs
are taller than real uggs.13) The heel of a fake
Uggs is much narrower than a authentic UGG14) Some
fakes are not sheepskin but wool dyed and will smell
of the dye. it smells of paint/lacquer which comes
from the dye used on the synthetic materials.16) The
UGG label on the rear of the is higher up on a fake and
the lettering is different from the genuine Ugg.

The letters may have gaps between them in the fake
in the real they are overlapping.15)
1/chestnut-ugg-boots-c-1_40/">chestnut UGG
The shape of the front part of the fake
ugg is shorter and goes up at more of an angel than
the genuine UGG which has a rounder longer
finish.16) The Black Uggs have a black Sole and a
Black Label with Ugg in white. The fake have tan
soles and a brown label.17) The sole in a real ugg
is flexible. The fakes are rigid.18) The sole in a
real ugg is about a half inch or more, the sole of a
fake ugg is very very thin maybe
1/4 inch19) The
height can be either taller or sho
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